Terms and Conditions

Alpen Lodge Riezlern terms and conditions


Booking terms and conditions

It is advisable to read these terms and conditions carefully before making a reservation. You will find the rights and obligations that apply to you and Alpen Lodge Riezlern here.


1. Reservations

1.1 The reservation terms and conditions apply to all our bookings. Deviations are only possible in incidental cases and provided they have been confirmed in writing by Alpen Lodge Riezlern.

1.2 The client is jointly and severally liable for themselves and all fellow travellers fulfilling all obligations arising from the booking confirmation.

1.3 We only accept bookings from persons aged eighteen (18) years or older. Reservations made by persons under that age are therefore not valid.


2. Reservation and payment

2.1 Alpen Lodge Riezlern confirms every reservation with a booking confirmation by email.

2.2 Payment (hereafter referred to as “the rental sum”) must be made within seven days of receipt of the booking confirmation. The outstanding rental sum must be paid no later than three weeks before the arrival date. For bookings made less than four weeks before the arrival date, the rental sum must be paid in full immediately.

2.3 Alpen Lodge Riezlern is entitled to cancel the accommodation booked in the event of late payment. The cancellation conditions then apply (without prejudice) (see Article 3).


3. Cancellation by tenant

3.1 Cancellations must be communicated to Alpen Lodge Riezlern by telephone or email. Alpen Lodge Riezlern will send you a cancellation confirmation/ invoice no more than seven days after receipt of the cancellation.

3.2 In the event of cancellation, the refund percentages below apply. Alpen Lodge Riezlern advises you to take out cancellation insurance.


  • You can cancel up to 1 month before arrival, we will then refund the payment minus € 30,- cancellation fee. For cancellations after this date, payment will be withheld.


4. Cancellation by Alpen Lodge Riezlern

4.1 If, with the exception of the scenario described in section 7.8., Alpen Lodge Riezlern should cancel the accommodation booked, the tenant in question will be informed of this immediately and, if possible, be offered an alternative. If Alpen Lodge Riezlern is unable to offer an alternative, or the tenant does not accept this alternative, Alpen Lodge Riezlern will immediately refund the sum paid in full. The tenant has no rights whatsoever other than to reclaim this sum.


5. Changes by the tenant

5.1 If the tenant wishes to switch to a different room, or to change the rental period, this can always be done up to five months prior to the rental period of the accommodation booked (subject to availability). This will incur a charge of €100.00. If no room is available for the desired period, the cancellation conditions stipulated in Article 3 apply to the tenant. If the desired rental period is shorter than the period already booked, Article 3 pertaining to cancellation by the tenant applies without prejudice in respect of the difference in rental days.


6. Tenant's liability

6.1 During the stay in the accommodation, the tenant is fully liable for the rented accommodation, the furnishings and everything belonging to the rented property. The tenant must compensate the landlord in full immediately for any damage caused by the users of the accommodation, whether within the accommodation or elsewhere at Alpen Lodge Riezlern. Alpen Lodge Riezlern is entitled to hold the tenant liable if the damage caused has not been settled, or not properly settled, or the tenant has not paid the costs immediately payable (in full). All associated (collection) costs are entirely at the expense of the tenant named in the booking confirmation. The aforementioned liability of the tenant applies in the event of damage and/or defects not reported to the Alpen Lodge Riezlern management on the day of arrival at the latest.

6.2 The number of people stated in the booking confirmation is the maximum number permitted. Occupation by more persons is not permitted and Alpen Lodge Riezlern is entitled to deny entry to the accommodation in the event of occupation by more than the permitted number of persons.


7. Liability of Alpen Lodge Riezlern

7.1 Alpen Lodge Riezlern accepts no liability for loss, theft, damage or personal injury of any kind whatsoever.

7.2 Alpen Lodge Riezlern is not bound by obvious errors or mistakes in the pricing of the accommodation offered by Alpen Lodge Riezlern. Alpen Lodge Riezlern accepts no liability whatsoever for interim changes to information, prices or for printing errors.

7.3 The (pricing) information in the most recent price list and on the website takes precedence. The (pricing) information in previous editions therefore no longer applies.

7.4 Alpen Lodge Riezlern accepts no liability for damage caused by force of nature, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence and accidents involving aircraft or parts thereof.

7.5 Not all facilities listed in the description are open every day throughout the year. Alpen Lodge Riezlern is not liable for facilities being unavailable during your holiday for whatever reason. Use of all facilities is at your own risk. Due to circumstances, facilities may be closed or be temporarily unavailable. You are not entitled to any refund from Alpen Lodge Riezlern because of this.

7.6 It is possible that work may be carried out in the vicinity of the rented accommodation. Alpen Lodge Riezlern accepts no responsibility for any noise nuisance or inconvenience.

7.7 All our booking agreements and subsequent agreements are subject to Austrian law. Any disputes that arise in relation to an agreement will be settled by the competent court.

7.8 There will be no refund of travel expenses in the event of force majeure including, but not limited to, a loss event such as a natural disaster, attack, epidemic, or the threat of interference or danger during your journey. The same applies if the infrastructure is affected to such an extent that the journey cannot reasonably be undertaken.


8. Wi-Fi/W-Lan

8.1 Because Alpen Lodge Riezlern is situated in the mountains, the speed, strength and range of Wi-Fi may be limited and is therefore not guaranteed.



House rules for Alpen Lodge Riezlern apartments.


“Servus” to our Alpen Lodge Riezlern.

These house rules describe how we would like you to treat the holiday accommodation and the inventory. We have established a few rules and hope you agree to them. By adhering to these rules, you help us offer the best possible service to other guests in the future. These house rules are intended to ensure you have a pleasant and trouble-free stay.

Please abide by the house rules listed below. We hope you have a pleasant stay at Alpen Lodge Riezlern.

General rules:

1. SMOKING is strictly FORBIDDEN in all indoor spaces at Alpen Lodge Riezlern. If you smoke on the balcony or in the garden, please dispose of your cigarettes in the designated ashtrays.

2. Pets are not permitted

3. Please do not move furniture between the different rooms. This can cause unnecessary damage and wear and tear to furniture.

4. We have provided comfortable furniture on the balconies and in the garden. Please do not move indoor furniture outdoors. 

5. Always use the linen with which the beds are made up on arrival. If you fail to do so, you may be charged for washing of the pillows, duvets and mattresses.

6. Packed lunches are not allowed from breakfast.

7. If something is broken or damaged, please let us know. We will then decide whether there will be any charges.

8. Please let us know if something is missing or not in order so that we can deal with it immediately.

9. Cars park in the designated areas.

10. The Kleinwalsertal tourist office is located at Walserstraße 264 · 6992 Hirschegg.


Winter / summer rental

1. It is strictly forbidden to wear shoes, snow boots, ski boots and/or snowboard shoes indoors. Put these in the designated ski cellar. Here, you can change into the slippers you brought from home. 

2. Put equipment in the ski cellar after skiing/cross-country skiing/snowboarding.


Electrical equipment

1. Please switch the lights off when not in the apartment.

3. If an electrical group fails, it can be switched back on in the cabinet on the hall.


Heating instructions

1. Upon arrival, switch the radiator thermostats from the (*) position to the desired setting between 1-5. For an indication: setting 3 = 22 degrees Celsius.

2. If the apartment is too hot or too cold, turn the knob to the desired temperature.

3. Please turn the radiator knobs back to the (*) position upon departure.



1.Drop/guest card to the manager or place them in the locker provided. If the drop/guest card is lost, we charge a fee of €15 per item.


Important information

1. Alpen Lodge Riezlern: Telephone (0043) (0) 6 4216 3788

2. Fire brigade: Walserstraße 30 · 6991 Mittelberg Telephone 112 

3. Police: Walserstraße 226 · 6992 Hirschegg  112

4. Doctors: Dr Andreas Grote, Kopfleweg 8 6991 Riezlern telephone 0043 5517 3470


Gruß Gott, and we wish you a very enjoyable stay and holiday!


Berry & Rosanne, Neill & Quinn